Who's Mark Ryan?

Mark Ryan, Chief Dude In Charge @ The Mahalo Agency

I notice things for a living. My business cards & email signature claim I’m the Chief Dude In Charge at a marketing agency, and many of my clients refer to me as their “Outsourced Chief Brand/Social Officer.”

But when you get right down to it, I’m much more — I’m a tie & suit-loathing, culture-hacking marketing heretic. I’m an entrepreneur, a creative mind, a social media strategist, and most of all an animal & nature lover (ask me anything about Bears, Wolves, the Sierra Nevada’s, Redwoods, Aspens, and Yosemite, seriously).

I’m also a big believer in the power of branding and where IQ meets EQ.

I believe that we don’t buy products or services. We don’t make decisions based on features & benefits. We make decisions based on emotion, “gut feel”, and stories.

And so I teach people & companies how to create that reaction – by communicating their brands in memorable, engaging, and personable ways, so that they will attract the right audiences and move them toward their core goals.

I’m not afraid to tell it like it is and will help you or your organization market in the year we actually live in.

Learn more about my experience and work on LinkedIn – and hey, drop me a DM and say aloha!


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Let’s Be HONEST.

1-Minute Read 📕

Because when lies, fluff, and manipulative answers are mixed in with the expectation for truth & results, the entire system will grind to a halt. 

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📕 90-second read 📕

During a meeting last week, I was pontificating about how our client burns bridges in the recruiting process – and how they waste the sawdust of this process…

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The F-ing Resume

1-Minute Read.

While in the United Lounge at SFO last week, I overheard a rather interesting (and bombastic) dude utter over a call, “well, Joe, send over your resumé and my secretary will take a look at it.”

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TikTok Ban

📚: 3 minute Read.

Ok, where do I start…

Let me share an excerpt from an email I received on Friday from a client of ours (their Director of Marketing, to be exact).

“Mark!!! WTF!!!!

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