Fermented Marketing

Captain James Cook is most known as an avid navigator of boats, but in a book I’m reading (well, listening to on audible), it seems as though he was quite the marketer…

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New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

⌛️ 2 Minute Read.

So, it’s about that time of year where the majority of us write down our New Year’s resolutions, get all excited, post hackneyed quotes, go to the gym the first 2 weeks of January, and slowly forget about all that hype – oh boy…

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4 Out of 5 Doctors Recommend It

⌛️ 45 Second Read.

I grind my teeth at night (must be stress), so I purchased a Night Guard on Amazon a few days ago and the box was covered with that sentence I’ve learned to hate: 4 out of 5 dentists (or doctors) recommend it…

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Yes, It’s Hard…

📚: I think you should read (and “LIKE”) this:

The difficult problems; the ones no one wants to solve – those are my favorite, and I’m happy to own them…

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People Don’t Like Me 💡

On my flight home a couple weeks ago, I sat next to a couple who seemed overzealous at the fact they were headed to LA for the first time.

And they didn’t like me…

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My POV On Country Club Marketing

8 Minute Read ⛳️

Fore! Yup, this is your warning, Country Clubs.

Pay attention, because I believe your club may be at risk for closing its doors in the next -8-10 years.

Here’s how we can fix this…

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💰 Bureaucracy Structures 💰


It does, but often in a costly & inadvertent way.

For example, go ask someone today what they do, and I bet they’ll talk about where they work. I do this all the time, and it is quite entertaining.

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