Rust Doesn’t Sleep.

My Dad and I used to put a coat of water protection on his cabin every year (or so) to protect it from winter, decay, sun damage, and to water seal it.

And after a weekends worth of work, it looked the same and felt like we didn’t produce much. But if we didn’t do that, just like rust sets in on metal, entropy & time would take its toll on the cabin.

And so I learned…

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Ideas Are 💩

Gary V often utters (hell, I have too) that “ideas are shit” (execution is everything). And I concur with the latter. But the disconnect between idea & execution isn’t that people are lazy or unable to bring tires to tarmac; it’s our culture’s attitude toward implementing an idea, AND, the fallacy of The Bureau of Idea Approval.

(Spoiler: The BIA doesn’t exist)

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Yes, ad blocking is good for business.

Usage of “ad blockers” has increased by 38% worldwide in the past 5 months.

And with all the chit chat lately around the use of ad blocking, I get to answer questions like these weekly: “what is going to happen to our business without this revenue stream?” And, “how are we going to reach our audience(s)?

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✏️ 14 Rules Grandma Taught Me ✏️

👵🏽 👵🏽 👵🏽

Grandma taught me a ton, and in some way or another, I learned these 14 things – take heed:

1. Think process, not product
2. Share something small every day
3. Tell good stories.

Click to read the rest…

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🎓 Myths I Discovered After College 🎓

I adore academia, miss it often, and wish I can be a full-time student & continue to learn from some of the brilliant professors & students I had the luxury to share a classroom with.

However, some of the stories you hear are merely myths or lies.

Like these…

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THIS IS MARK RYAN | 001 🔥 🔥 🔥

People often ask: “What Do You Do?” and “How Do You Do It?”

So instead of telling you, I decided to (finally) let you into my world and show you by documenting some of my days.

🔥 🔥🔥 Click to watch 🔥 🔥 🔥

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How Car Dealerships Should Be Marketing in 2017 🚗💨

8 Minute Read (and worth it)

It’s pretty simple dealerships: If you live in the world today and do not (at scale) produce these 4 things: videos, audio sounds, graphics, and written words for social on a mobile device, you are invisible & irrelevant.

Is that clear enough?

Oh, and your marketing sucks $#!% because all you do is copy the next dealership (who sucks just as much).

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