Jack Sparrow’s $0.02 on Facebook Ads & Content

I’ve heard all the paranoia on the death of organic reach, how we now have to “Pay To Play” (I despise this term; plus, it’s an investment provision, not a marketing term) and how people have tried FB & IG ads to no avail.

Here’s something to note: The tool isn’t broken; the user is.

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60 Second Read on How Guinness Beer Became a Utility

Does anyone know how the Guinness Book of World Records was started? (Well, by now, I’d presume you can guess who started it, eh?!)

Through a little bit of old school pub research (yeah, they weren’t blessed with geo & listening software like us marketers today), a Marketing Epiphany was born.

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Put me to sleep, PowerPoint.

Dull, dreadful PowerPoints continue to spread throughout the land.

And last night, I not only sat through one (for a couple minutes), but was lucky enough to have Professor Bulletin Board open up with 32 minutes of eye-shutting (Zzz) information you read on a high school auditorium board.

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A Fish Rots From The Head – why your culture & social presence suck.

If you’re an angler like me (lol), you know that the title of this is a fallacy: a fish doesn’t rot from the head, it rots from the inside, the guts, the center, then out. (But Jason. C and Mark. W didn’t know that – Jim. T certainly does.)

Same difference though, right?!

Whether from the center or the top, rot trickles out and down to those who are the foundation of the business: people and clients. And this sets the tone and cultivates the company culture.

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Dear Mr. COO:

Dear COO of _________ in Ventura, Ca. (I thought about putting his name and business):

RE: They’re not the bottom; they’re the fucking foundation

During our meeting today at Lure Fish House, I sat & listened to your nonsensical theory on why recruiting & employee retention is plummeting. You rambled on (often incoherently) about your misconstrued, blinded perception of this landscape – I LOL’d & left our lunch early.

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My Favorite Restaurant Closed Today.

Yup, my favorite restaurant in Ventura County closed today. A place I’ve been a denizen of for over 6 years and patronized 4-5 times a week.

An unfortunate reminder that good doesn’t mean popular, and popular doesn’t mean good. And, that it isn’t the strongest, best, or most intelligent that survive – it’s those most adaptable to change. And Mr. & Mrs. Closed Restaurant didn’t adopt that practice.

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How to Hide From Work.

Doing your job without getting work done – interesting statement, wouldn’t you agree?!

Your job is an historical artifact – especially if you’re in the digital or tech realm. It’s a list of tasks, procedures, alliances, responsibilities, to-dos, meetings (mostly meetings) that were layered in, one at a time, day after day, for years.

And your job is a great place to hide.

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