Value or Cost?

For the past 2 years, before I consider working with a new organization, I start with 1 key question I pose during our first in-person meeting: Are we increasing value or lowering costs? (This question comes in different presentable forms).

Some (shamefully) say “both” – these are the folks I won’t work with. And most give me the misleading falsehood that they want to increase value for their people and customers. I say misleading falsehood because their actions seldom follow their words.(You know, the whole Mission Statement Facade thing)

Organizations that want to increase their metrics either invest in:

  • Creating more value for their customers & employees, or;
  • Doing just enough to keep going, but for less effort & money.

Race to the top or race to the bottom, it’s a choice.

Choose wisely, y’all.



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