Mr. Jackass & The Sofa

📚 1 Minute Read

I’m at an office in Jacksonville, FL. lounging on a beige sofa fiddling with my phone. The sofa is ripped with a 10+ pieces of gaffer’s tape meekly holding it at the seam.

Who’s the asshole that put the tape on this?!

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Are You Marketing?

3 Minute Read.

✔️If you’re trying to recruit people for your shitty sales job, you’re marketing.

✔️If you’re looking for votes at the city council meeting…

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Make It Public (some of it).

If it’s built to show, it’s built to grow (think Apple, Nike, Starbucks, Livestrong – hell, even Pickleball!)

Ever wonder why the Apple logo on your laptop doesn’t face you?

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The Hypocritical Marketer 

This 💩 really intrigues me. It baffles me that such smart people do such dumb shit in business. 
Why do “we” (not me) market & communicate to people the way we hate being marketed & communicated to?
True story – peep this:

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Just a Logo.

Every now and then I get someone asking for my opinion on a logo – and EVERY time I say the same thing: Focus on the brand, not the logo.

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